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Sylvie Hennessy

Sylvie Hennessy, founder of the Sylvie Hennessy Post-Graduate Advanced Educational training Centers throughout the U.S. and creator of Pevonia, the professional botanical line, is one of the most respected and highly awarded educators in the skin care field.

She pioneered the unity between scientific skin care and the medical profession benefiting the individual patients, as well as promoting a more symbiotic relationship between these two important fields.

She can be reached at

Imagine your client submerged in a perfect body of water...
wrapped in a revitalizing bed of black, healing liquid that is exact and precise in its therapeutic natural state.

All senses are active yet it is almost as if your client is floating... floating... allowing a perfect environment to take them to a place of complete renewal.

Nature's fortifying ingredients flow freely and absorb into their skin, rejuvenating... restoring... enriching. The vast healing agents found in moor mud such as: plants, mineral and trace elements, organic substances, vitamins, enzymes, natural antibiotics and many more, quickly find their way into their skin's every crevice, providing much needed revitalization.

By incorporating a professional moor hydrotherapy spa treatment, the multitude of naturally healing and rejuvenating ingredients in moor mud and the use of a quality hydrotherapy tub, you are giving your clients a therapeutic treatment for the mind, body and soul without equal. Setting the Hydrotherapy Tub

It is important that you prepare your client for the moor hydrotherapy spa treatment so that she/he is fully receptive to its array of benefits. Follow the following steps in the order presented:

1. Fill the hydrotherapy tub halfway. The water temperature should be 37 C/96 F.

2. Before commencing the treatment, perform a professional analysis of the client's body, inspecting it for any contraindications such as: bruises, body imperfections, back problems, or shoulder/posture problems. Also, check for the presence of any vascular problems indicated by: varicose veins, wounds, scars, inflammations, tense muscles on the back of the calves, bad circulation, painful/sensitive areas, high blood pressure, heart problems, or pregnancy.

3. It is necessary that you assist the client's entrance into the tub. Hold her/him under the arm. Have the client sit on the edge of the tub and then proceed to move her/his legs inside the tub. Then have the client move towards the center of the tub, splashing some of the water on her/his legs, thighs, and forearms. The client can then proceed to slide slowly inside the water, splashing some of the water on her/his chest and neck.

4. Continue filling the hydrotherapy tub until the water level is higher than all the water jets. Make sure that the client is completely comfortable and that her/his back completely adheres to the back wall of the tub. (If this is the first hydrotherapy treatment for the client, explain all of the functions of the tub to let the client know about the sensations she/he will be experiencing from the combination of water, air motion and pressures. Also, take time to explain how the water jets work _ how they emit the air bubbles. Remember, the more knowledge the client has of what she/he will experience and why, the more relaxed she/he will be during the treatment. Thus, the more receptive she/he will be to your service and its vital results).

5. Once the tub is properly filled, commence the treatment. First, set the bubble bath program to the "on" position for five minutes. Once the program is set to "on", mix a 3/4 cup of moor with warm water so that it may liquify. It is important that you do the mixing in front of the client. Once done, shut off the bubble bath and switch the tub to the hydromassage jets.

6. Add the mixed moor to the water, pouring it behind the client's shoulder allowing the black moor to mix completely. Because it is vital that your client remain submerged, adjust the jets and then allow the client to enjoy the benefits of the black moor water for a fifteen minute time span.

Before we continue with the step-by-step process, I would like to give you some solid, scientific information on the origin, contents and benefits or moor mud. You may use this information for your professional insight as well as share part of it with your client in order to further expose her/him to the benefits of this specialized treatment.

What is Moor?

Moor... is a universal name which is not translated into any language, it is "moor" in Italian, Spanish, French, Greek, German or any other language in the world. Moor is nature's unaltered unadulterated remedy, a healing agent handed directly from the mother earth to mankind. In formulation, moor contains an astonishing collection of plants, mineral and trace elements, organic substances such as volatile oils, amino acids, waxes, resins, phyto-hormones, vitamins, enzymes and natural antibiotics.

Moor is still one of the earth's few natural resources totally unspoiled by pollution. The moor mud is collected from deep earth where its thickness reaches several meters and where its consistency is constantly circulated by the action of streaming thermal water.

When choosing your moor, be sure that it is a smooth, completely hydrosoluble moor. The moor pulp keeps many valuable healing substances in its fibers. The genuine healing moor has a deep black, pasty texture which easily dissolves its healing elements in water, enabling quick absorption into your client's skin. Moor raises its permeability through the skin. The pulp itself contributes nothing towards the healing process. It is only the curative substances dissolved in water which form a black liquid that brings forth healing as it washes and flows around the body of your client.

Now that you are aware of the contents and effects of moor mud and the genius of combining it into a hydrotherapy treatment, it is important that you continue familiarizing yourself with the step-by-step process of this curative treatment. As you become more familiar with these steps, you will find your confidence and skills strengthening with each application. Continue the steps as follows:

7. Once your client has been submerged for fifteen minutes, stop the hydromassage jets and give her/him a soothing herbal tea in preparation for a five minute rest period. Then proceed to push the bubble bath button on the tub for a final five minutes of treatment.

8. At the completion of the treatment, rinse the client lightly but do not wash. Remember that the vast benefits of the moor mud will continue hours after the treatment has been completed, due to its post-vaporizing effects. Also, the moor's plentiful ingredients which have been effectively absorbed, will continue to bring forth healing effects to the skin.

9. Once rinsed, help the client lie on the table cover and keep her/him warm and relaxed for a five minutes span.

The moor hydrotherapy spa treatment is one which offers ageless benefits from both nature and ancient history. There are definite curative properties to this exceptional body treatment that aid in the release of toxins, tension and rheumatic symptoms. More than ever, the moor hydrotherapy spa treatment is being offered in specialty and full service health spas throughout the world. Because of its incredible healing and restorative powers and its enriching characteristics, this particular hydrotherapy treatment encourages a feeling of restoration, revitalization and rejuvenation.

Scientific research has continuously proven the intense benefits of combining moor mud and hydrotherapy. While hydrotherapy offers extensive therapeutic and relaxing benefits, moor mud offers nature's healing ingredients.

In combination, these two therapies encourage visible, long-term restoration for your client's skin. When properly administered, the moor hydrotherapy spa treatment will provide you with professional and profitable benefits while treating your clients to a body treatment beyond compare.