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By Hannelore Leavy

Hannelore R. Leavy is the founder and President of Hannelore's ClubSpa, a discount consumer club for spa-goers, as well as founder and Executive Director of ClubSpa USA The Day Spa Association.

Hannelore Leavy was Jeffrey Joseph's Vice President of Sales and Marketing and innovator of many of his projects, as well as the organizer of the first Spa Symposium, from which I/SPA emerged.
Ms. Leavy is a regular contributor on Day Spas to Spa Management Magazine.

She can be reached at
P.O. Box 5232,
West New York, NJ 07093
Tel 201-865-2065.

Preliminary guidelines have been established to answer the ever-occurring question of "What is a Day Spa" within the first publication of THE DAY SPA DIRECTORY in the fall/winter 1994. These guidelines were based on an extensive questionnaire about services offered by Day Spas nation _ wide. Since this publication of the first-ever listing of day spas, some very crucial issues have surfaced and these preliminary guidelines will now have to be revised to address these concerns.

Some day spas objected of having hair, nail and make-up services included as services in order to meet the criteria of "What is a Day Spa". We have therefore removed these services from the list of prerequisites, and they are now found under "optional".

The revised guidelines, which will appear in the next edition of THE DAY SPA DIRECTORY, will be as follows:

A nurturing, safe, clean and caring, serene atmosphere.Professional, licensed estheticians and therapists on staff.Private treatment rooms for each client receiving a personal service.Spa products used for which estheticians and therapists have received
training in their use.Massages: Swedish, Shiatsu, Lymph Drainage and Reflexology.

Optional: Polarity, Sports, Deep tissue and Deep muscle.Body Treatments: Body packs & wraps, Exfoliation, Cellulite, Heat treatments. Optional: Electrolysis, Body Toning, Waxing.Aromatherapy: Personalized for body and/or face.Face: Cleansing facial. Optional: Medical facial, Non-surgical face lift, Electrical toning, Electrolysis.One out of the following:

a) Hydrotherapy
b) Steam and Sauna
c) Nutrition and Weight Management
d) Spa Cuisine
e) Exercise

* Optional:
1) Hair: Full service salon, Scalp and Hair packs
2) Nails: Manicure, Pedicure
3) Make-up: Consultation, Application

Beauty, hair and skin salons are starting to offer spa services and calling themselves "Day Spas" to cash in and keep up with the phenomenon of the "Day Spa Revolution" that is emerging in North America. It has therefore become imminent that the day spa industry can no longer ignore the many salons which are offering spa services. They are rapidly becoming an integral part of the urban scene providing a service consumers are demanding. It will therefore become necessary to incorporate these establishments into a separate category within the DAY SPA DIRECTORY in order to distinguish them from true Day Spas, but also to grant them their place in the spa industry.

In order to serve the consumer better and help her/him to be able to know what to expect in both type of facilities, as well as to do justice to the Day Spas, we will make every effort to reach out to those salons ready to take the necessary steps and assist them in their endeavor to offer quality and professional spa services within their facilities. We will also make a conscious effort to reach estheticians and cosmetologists, in addition to massage therapists, to become aware of our efforts to bring a certain unity to this diversified industry and give them the acknowledgement they deserve.

In the near future, our DAY SPA DIRECTORY will therefore reflect these differences in facilities and will carry two subdirectories comprised of "salons with spa services" in addition to our main listing of "Day Spas". Day Spas are embracing the affiliation with THE part of the medical community that goes hand in hand with helping clients to achieve a total well being of body, mind and spirit. Working relationships are being formed with Chiropractors, Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeons, Nutritionists, Spiritual and yes, Financial Advisors.

ClubSpa USA, The Day Spa Association has created ChiroSpa because of this trend, and will keep the readers of Spa Management abreast of how this pilot program in New York City is being received and we will share the results.

New Trends

The growing substitution of a visit to the Day Spa instead of going to the "Gym" is making Day Spas aware of the need to offer some form of exercise to their constituency. Affiliations with Personal Trainers have been in a few Day Spas for some time now, but actual stretch-, yoga- and meditation classes are starting to take their hold within the Day Spa community.

They are being offered as just another "service" to choose from the spa menu, serving the purpose of relaxing, flexibility and serenity and not so much as to increasing the heart rate, pumping iron and working off calories. One of our members has found that by offering women's defense classes as well as survival techniques against all kinds of stressful encounters, both physical and emotional, facing today's women, her facility has attracted many additional clients who otherwise would not have ventured into a day spa; these new services however, have been a welcome addition to her regular clientele.


Hannelore R. Leavy, Chairperson Reinhard R. Bergel, Ph.D., H.E.A.T.
Peggy Wynne Borgman,
Preston Wynne
Dennis Colacino, Ph.D.
Corporate Health & Fitness
Christine Cook, Spa Seminars International
Irving R. Dardlik, M.D., U.S.
Olympic Sports Medicine Council
Miki Guinta, Spa Health Consultants
Stephen R. Hoody, M.S., D.C.,
F.A.S.B.E. Manhattan Family Chiropractic
Eva M. Jensch, Spa Concepts
Jutta E. Kruger, Jutta of Hanover
Brian Lymen, Trotter, Inc.
William F. Mullis, M.D.
Reconstructive Surgeon
Stephen Schleicher, M.D.,
Dermatology Center
William Strunk, CEO,
Karen Thornberg, Spa
Management Consulting
Jennifer Workman, M.S., R.D.,
The Peninsula Spa
Maria Arias, Catherine Atzen Day Spa: