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The Anti-Aging Revolution and Today's Spa: An Opportunity For Alliance

by Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. with Javier Contreras Martin, M.D.

Surprise Surprise

Looking up and to my right I almost fell over. I was so surprised that I could not believe my eyes! Who did I see walking up to me with a big grin on his face but Guy Jonkman, the editor of Spa Management Journal. Of all the places to run into Guy: The third annual conference of The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine at The Alexis Park Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mr. Jonkman and I stood pool - side enjoying the crisp, clear, desert air and the warm morning sun. "What brings you here?" I asked, not hiding my amazement. Without hesitation Guy responded "Oh, you know anti-aging medicine is both in the forefront and in the future for spas and I must be in step with it."

Guy said that he was enjoying the meeting, eaves dropping in on doctors discussing Melatonin, the aging clock, human growth hormone, DHEA, cell therapy and of course the latest scientific medical information on the life-extending benefits of aerobic exercise and anti-oxidant vitamins. I was pleased he also liked my presentations on creating a lifetime of peak mental performance as presented in my upcoming book, Brain Longevity (Warner Books), and the role of the human spirit in anti-aging medicine.

It was time to finish our conversation and head into the big, white, outdoor tent where over 1300 people from around the world had gathered to attend this majestic conference. Before we parted Mr. Jonkman asked me to write an article about the use of today's spa as a partner facility in anti-aging medicine.
Guy is indeed on top of his pursuit of the latest knowledge on the application of longevity and rejuvenation medicine in the spa setting. There is a tidal wave rising up from the depths of the sea. Let me tell you a bit about its ongoing ground swell movement because it's everywhere. For instance, over the past year I have personally been in contact with six international spa owners, developers or physicians to discuss the implementation of these exciting new concepts.

Partnership Opportunities
The use of the spa in strategic alliance with angi-aging medicine falls into three categories:

1) Proactive.

The spa pursues legitimate anti-aging therapies utilizing the services of a qualified medical specialist. These therapies include a youth restoration program featuring advanced diagnostics and hormone replacement therapy. This is the cutting edge. There are no spas in USA or Canada offering these services at this time.

Of course there are spas around the World that do offer parts of a complete anti-aging program. In Switzerland, the luxurious La Prairie Clinic is the prototype having employed live cell therapy, now called CLP extract, for sixty years to treat their international clientele. They also include other state-of-the-art medical services, even offering on sight plastic surgery. No other spa in the world can match that. Beyond that CLP, under the medical and scientific direction of Otto Westphal, M.D., Ph.D. and Terry Welli, M.D. is totally in tune with the alternative medicine crowd, including mind/body interactions and ayurvedic consultations to the heads of state and celebrities making up their client list.

In this hemisphere there is only one spa that I know of at the moment, although others may develop soon, that even comes close to offering a true anti-aging program. That is the Rio Caliente Spa just outside of Guadalajara, Mexico. Rio Caliente, under the medical direction of Javier Contreras Martin, M.D. is a secret guarded closely by the guests who soak in its steaming spring-fed pools through four magnificent seasons. Like many American Spas, Rio Caliente offers all the basics: massage, facials, mudbaths and the like. And of course the food is a delicious grain based complex carbohydrate, low fat diet. What sets it apart from the other Spas are the regenerative and restorative therapies to repair or mitigate the effects of our fast paced multi-tasking stressful lifestyles. It is this life-style, of course, that leads to accelerated aging.

The menu of anti-aging offerings at Rio Caliente is impressive. It ranges from advanced heel homeopathic therapy from Germany to hormone replacement therapy with human growth hormone, and DHEA (our bodies own "fountain of youth") as well as Cell Therapy. Also offered is chelation therapy to clean out the fatty deposits in our circulation. All of these therapies, I must add, are quite affordable.

2) Cooperative:

The spa may serve as an aftercare facility for patients who have received their advanced anti-aging therapy in a physicians office or clinic and come to the spa for relaxation, body work and beauty treatments. Information, or personal training in aerobics and mind/body interactions is also part of their spa experience. The guest is there to learn and practice a healthful lifestyle to complement their physician's prescription. Any spa can do this
The successful ones will include it into their marketing plan and actively approach leading physicians in anti-aging medicine.

3) Not Involved:

These spas will happily continue doing what they have been, perhaps quite profitably, and not involve themselves in either marketing or providing services to the doctors or patients involved in the latest developments in the forefront of the medical practice of the future
- anti-aging medicine.

This is no fad. With the baby-boomers now becoming the graying boomers, anti-aging, longevity and rejuvenation medicine will soon explode upon the scene in full financial force.

After all, as we flash into the 21st century we all want to keep our good looks, our beautiful bodies and as much wonder and delight in our life as possible. The spa is a great place to do that by helping doctors help patients turn back the aging clock.

About The Authors

Dharma Singh Kalsa, M.D. is an anti-aging physician, author and consultant. He is President and Medical Director of the Alzheimer's Prevention Foundation and CEO of Khalsa International, Inc. His book, Brain Longevity, will be published by Warner Books (Time Warner).

Javier Contreras Martin, M.D. is a traditionally trained physician with extensive post-graduate studies in Holistic Medicine. He is the Medical Director of The Rio Caliente Spa, just outside of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.