MEDICALSPAS Business Review
A Monthly Magazine

Readers are Medical and Spa Professionals providing comprehensive
medical and wellness care in a relaxing environment integrating
spa services together with conventional and integrative therapies.
The role of a medical spa is a comprehensive mind/body approach
to caring for the client before, during, and after physio, medical,
anti-stress and cosmetic treatments.
As medical spas use high-end products, they show greater results.

Medical spas are a balance between clinical and luxury.
They take care of the client’s medical needs and at the same time create
a relaxing and soothing atmosphere for the client’s comfort and well being.
A medical spa is a medical setting combined with a healing touch
including its multitude of spa services with various medical environments.
Medical spas design packages that include both spa and medical services.
Finally a medical spa combines ancient Oriental, Indian
and Modern medicine with spa services.

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