President of Aspen Spa Management, he is also the Technical Director of International Spa Association Inc.

His International career began when he was on the staff at Cornell University, teaching in several academic departments and in Physical Education and Athletics where he was Fencing Master and Director of Martial Arts.

His hotel background and experience led to consulting.
He soon became a renowned expert in Luxury Hotel Spas. His work took him to all parts of the planet.

He accumulated knowledge in Asian healing Arts in Japan and in the South East Asian basin.

He is one of the few consultants that is really hands on. His knowledge of architectural design and spa operations has made him a leader in the Industry.

His company offers a complete turn-key possibility from design to management including staff training inspection services.

When asked what he brings to his clients, he smiles and candidly says: " 40 years of mistakes they will not have to make!".

Tel: 954 917 9039
Fax: 954 917 9185

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